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Mui Ne, Vietnam

The last day, I took a $5 bus to Mui Ne, which is a beach resort about 4 hours Northeast of HCMC. It is halfway between HCMC and Nah Trang (another great Vietnamese beach I'm told) There is a rental shop there called jibes ran by a French expat. It is directly across the street from the TM Brother's Cafe, bus stop. Jibe's is also in the Lonely Planet Vietnam guide.  Plenty of kites and windsurf gear, but the kite I had must have been old as it turned like a tank! But they have a tribe of local guys to pump up your kite, launch, and retrieve your kite. You want to switch kites, no problem. Come in and the beach boys will switch you up.

Jibe's Beach Club
(+84) 62 847 405

If you look at some of the pictures at the bottom of the page, you can see an old Vietnamese fishin' boat pulling a couple round floating things with people in them. It really looked like tubers getting in the way. I guess some things never change.

 After kiteboarding, I had to hire an entire mini bus back to HCMC to catch my flight home. It cost me 1,000,000 Dong. But hey, that's only $65.00, and I got the whole bus to myself.

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DSC02192 DSC02193 DSC02194
In front of Jibe's In front of Jibe's Down the beach
DSC02195 DSC02196 DSC02197
In front of Jibe's Down the beach Out from of Jibe's
DSC02198 DSC02199 DSC02200
  Backside of Jibes From the bar Wind is coming up
  DSC02201 DSC02202 DSC02203
  Getting Windy From the bar From the bar
  DSC02204 DSC02205 DSC02206
  Damn Tubers!
Damn Tubers!
In the bar