DeWall's Place Here are some pictures from the DeWalls' place which is in the Sydney neighborhood of Crow's Nest. Matt and Jen had a bbq that led to us being asked to leave the Crowie. We also managed to eat all the vegemite and drink all the VB.

  • Vegemite (Hmm we love Vegemite)
  • Esky (strange slang for a Chilly Bin)
  • Victoria Bitter or VB (The low rent beer of Australia, no Fosters to be found)
  • Crowie or The Crow's Nest Hotel (The only bar in Crow's Nest open before noon. Hotels are usually pubs)
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    Vegemite Vegemite Stocking the esky with VB Stocking the Esky
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    Stocking the Esky Getting the Roo Ready for BBQing Getting the Roo Ready for BBQing BBQ
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      BBQ Hey? BBQ Crowie
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      Crowie Immigrant Hat Immigrant Hat Immigrant Hat